Bids & Awards Committee

Functional Statement

The BAC shall have the following functions:

  1. Advertise and/or post the invitation to bid/request for expressions of interest
  2. Conduct pre-procurement and pre-bid conferences
  3. Determine the eligibility of prospective bidder
  4. Conduct the evaluation of bids
  5. Resolve motion for reconsideration 
  6. Recommend award of contract to the Head of the Procuring Entity or his duly authorized representative
  7. recommend the imposition of sanctions in accordance with the Rule XXIII
  8. Recommend to the Head of the Procuring Entity the use of Alternative Methods of Procurement as provided for in Rule XVI hereof; and 
  9. Perform such other related functions as maybe necessary, including the creation of Technical Working Group (TWG) from a pool of technical, and/or experts to assist in the procurement process, particularly in the eligibility screening, evaluation of bids and post qualification.

The BAC Secretariat shall have the following functions and responsibilities:

  1. Provide administrative support to the BAC
  2. Organize and make all the necessary arrangements for BAC meetings and conferences 
  3. Prepare minutes of the meetings and resolutions of the BAC
  4. Take custody of the procurement documents and other records
  5. Manage the sale and distribution of Bidding Documents to interested bidders and receive bids 
  6. Advertise and/or post bidding opportunities, including bidding documents and notice of awards 
  7. Assist in managing the procurement processes
  8. Monitor procurement activities and milestone for proper reporting to relevant agencies when required
  9. Consolidate PPMPs from various units of the procuring entity to make them available for review as indicated in Section 7 of IRR
  10. Act as central channel of communications for the BAC with end users, PMOs, other units of the line agency, other government agencies, providers of goods, infrastructure projects and consulting agencies, observers, and general public

The TWG shall render assistance to the BAC in the following cases:

  1. Review of the technical specification, scope of work, and terms of references
  2. Review of the bidding documents
  3. Short listing of consultants
  4. Eligibility screening
  5. Evaluation of bids and preparation of accompanying reports for BAC consideration
  6. Post-qualification and preparation of post-qualification summary report for BAC approval; and 
  7. Provide utmost priority to BAC assignments over all other duties and responsibilities, until the requirements for the procurement at hand are completed (Jury Duty).

Organizational Structure

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Contact Information

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